Radiative Processes and High Energy Astrophysics - Material for the year 2020-2021

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Adam Ingram
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18 lectures MT (8 for Radiative Processes part, 10 for High Energy Astrophysics part)
Weight: 1 Units
Areas: Astro
Linked to the C1 Astrophysics major option for undergraduate Physics.

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Your marker is Sean Barrett.
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Friday 23rd October (week 2) 1pm.
Friday 13th November (week 5) 1pm.
Friday 27th November (week 7) 1pm.

Course Synopsis: 

Radiative processes in astrophysics – radiative transfer theory; formation and analysis of emission and absorption lines; ionisation balance; cosmic dust and extinction. Application to planetary nebulae, stars, the interstellar and the intergalactic medium.

High-energy astrophysics – accretion onto compact objects; the Eddington limit; black holes, active galaxies, compact binaries and relativistic jets. Physics of interactions between high-energy particles and radiation (synchrotron, inverse-Compton, thermal bremsstrahlung); acceleration of particles to ultra-high energies.

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