Advanced Quantum Theory - Material for the year 2020-2021

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External Lecturer(s): 
Prof. Sid Parameswaran
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Course Overview: 

20 lectures
Weight: 1.25 units
Areas: CMT, foundational course
Linked to C6 Theoretical Physics Undergraduate Major Option.

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Sirui Ning's class:

Saraswat Bhattacharyya's class:
Deadlines for Saraswat's class: Monday 12 noon, in the week the class takes place (e.g the first deadline will be Monday 12 noon, 2nd Nov)

Michael Nee's class:
Deadlines for Michael's class: Monday 5pm, in the week of the tutorial.

Max McGinley's class:
Deadlines for Max's class: 9 am on the Monday before each session.

Course Synopsis: 

Path integrals in Quantum Mechanics; the propagator.
Path Integrals in Quantum Statistical Mechanics; correlation functions; perturbation theory;
Feynman diagrams.
Path Integrals and Transfer Matrices.
Transfer matrix approach to the Ising Model.
Second quantisation. Ideal Fermi gas in second quantization.
Weakly interacting Bose gas: Bogoliubov theory; superfluidity.
Spinwaves in a ferromagnet.
Landau theory of phase transitions.

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