The Standard Model and Beyond I - Material for the year 2020-2021

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External Lecturer(s): 
Prof Fabrizio Caola
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1.00 unit(s)

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Course Overview: 

16 hrs.
area: PT
prequel/pre-requisite: Advanced Quantum Field Theory for Particle Physics (HT)

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Course Syllabus: 

Basics of strong interactions, asymptotic freedom and the uniqueness of gauge theories. Low energy QCD, the chiral Lagrangian and the idea of effective field theories. Construction of the Electroweak Standard Model and brief review of the Higgs mechanism. Masses for fermions and mixing, CP violation. Brief discussion of neutrino masses. Accidental symmetries of the Standard Model, the Goldstone equivalence theorem and unitarity restoration. The Standard Model as a quantum theory: the effective potential and the stability of the Electroweak vacuum.
Tests of the Standard Model. If time permits: QCD at high energy, partons and factorisation. The Operator Product Expansion and the QFT foundations of the parton model.