Collisional Plasma Physics - Material for the year 2020-2021

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External Lecturer(s): 
Dr Sarah Newton
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Course Weight: 
1.00 unit(s)

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Course Overview: 

16 lectures
Areas: Astro
Prequel: Kinetic Theory (MT), Advanced Fluid Dynamics (HT), Collisionless Plasma Physics (HT).
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Hand in dates are
Friday 14th May, 18:00.
Friday 11th June, 18:00.
(All times are UK times)
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Course Synopsis: 

Collision operators: Fokker-Plank collision operator, conservation properties, entropy, electron-ion and ion-electron collisions, linearized collision operator.
Collisional transport (Braginskii equations: derivation of Spitzer resistivity and electron heat conduction, ion heat conduction and viscosity.
Resistive MHD: tearing modes, magnetic reconnection.
Introduction to tokamak theory: Pfirsch-Schlueter collision transport regime for electrons.