General Prerequisites:
B5.3 Viscous Flow, B5.4 Waves and Compressible Flow.
Course Term: Michaelmas
Course Lecture Information: 16 lectures
Course Weight: 1
Course Level: M
Assessment Type: Written Examination
Course Overview:
The course will expand and illuminate the `classical' fluid mechanics taught in the third year B5.3 and B5.4 courses, and illustrate its modern application in a number of different applications.
Course Synopsis:
The Navier Stokes equations and simplifications.
Surface tension and thin films, including lubrication theory, coatings, gravity flows, Marangoni effects, the steady state drag-out problem.
Droplet dynamics, contact lines, menisci. Drying and wetting.
Flow in porous media: Darcy's law; thermal and solutal convection; gravity-driven flow and carbon sequestration.
Aspects of low Reynolds flow in biological actuation and cell motility.