General Prerequisites:
A11: Quantum Theory, B7.1 Classical Mechanics, B7.2 Electromagnetism.
Course Term: Michaelmas
Course Lecture Information: Note: This double unit is offered by the Physics Department.24 lectures in MT and 16 lecture in HT
Course Weight: 2
Course Level: M
Assessment Type: Written Examination
Course Overview:
This course is intended to give an introduction to some aspects of many-particle systems, field theory and related ideas. These form the basis of our current theoretical understanding of particle physics, condensed matter and statistical physics. An aim is to present some core ideas and important applications in a unified way. These applications include the classical mechanics of continuum systems, the quantum mechanics and statistical mechanics of many-particle systems, and some basic aspects of relativistic quantum field theory.
Course Synopsis:
Path Integrals in Quantum Mechanics
Quantum Many-Particle Systems
Phase Transitions
Stochastic Processes
Classical Field Theory
Canonical Quantisation of Fields
Interacting Quantum Fields