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    • The primary course materials are these pdf lecture notes and the Panopto lecture videos (easiest to access via the direct links to the right, under Panopto/Completed recordings, once the site has recognised you as having access). 

      There are 16 videos, mostly around 20-25 mins.  I recommend watching at x1.25 speed.  The notes and videos contain more or less the same material, occasionally in a slightly different order.  The rough correspondence is:

      Lecture 1 - The natural numbers and induction (Sections 1.1,1.2)

      Lecture 2 - The binomial theorem and introduction to sets (Sections 1.3,2.1)

      Lecture 3 - Algebra of sets, cardinality (Sections 2.2,2.3,2.4)

      Lecture 4 - Logical notation, relations, and equivalence relations (Sections 5.1,3.1,3.2,3.3)

      Lecture 5 - Functions (Sections 4.1,4.2,4.3)

      Lecture 6 - Handling logical notation and quantifiers (Sections 5.1,5.2)

      Lecture 7 - Constructing mathematical statements and proofs (Sections 5.3,6.1,6.2)

      Lecture 8 - Problem solving examples (Section 6.3)

    • Covers lectures 1-4.  The following would be a sensible order to do things:

      Lectures 1 and 2. Questions 1,2

      Lecture 3. Questions 3,4

      Lecture 4. Questions 5,6,7

    • Covers lectures 5-8.  The following would be a sensible order to do things:

      Lecture 5. Questions 1,2

      Lecture 6. Questions 3,4,5

      Lectures 7 and 8. Questions 6,7,8

    • NB: If you have difficulty accessing these quizzes or the videos, it may be that you need to 'enrol' in this course, see here.

      The quizzes contain short questions to recap ideas from each lecture and to check your understanding.   I recommend taking a few minutes to do them as you work through the videos or notes.  

      Some of these should be quite straightforward, while others require careful thought.  Getting them wrong doesn't matter at all - you may even learn more by getting them wrong.  (You can try the questions as many times as you like - don't be put off by things the system says about grading - these don't count for anything!)

      Click 'Attempt quiz now' to start.   Click 'Check' to check your answers, 'Try another question like this one' to have another go (it really just means 'Try again' but I can't change what it says), and 'Next Page' to move to the next question.