Topic outline

  • General

  • Course Materials

    • Lecture notes from 2019. No specific changes are planned this year, but it is possible that there may be minor changes, in which case updated notes will be uploaded.

    • Summary of asymptotic notation used in this course.

    • Introductory problem sheet. Not for classes. Hints/solutions will be uploaded at the end of week 1.
    • Hints / solutions for the self-study sheet 0. Please try the questions before looking at the solutions!
    • Problem sheet for the first class. Based on material from weeks 1 and 2. Most questions accessible after week 1; Questions 6 and 7 use second moment ideas likely covered in Lecture 4 (but just the basics). Two versions, with and without solutions to question 1.

      Version with hints for the MFoCS added.
    • Problem Sheet 2, based on lectures from weeks 3 + 4. Versions with and without solution to Q1. (Try it yourself before looking at the version with solution!)

      Solutions to all questions (well, fairly detailed hints for Part C) now also uploaded, since work for this sheet will not be marked.
    • Problem sheet 3, based on material lectured in weeks 5 and 6.

      Version with hint for MFoCS question added.
    • Problem sheet 4, for the final class. Three files; the problem sheet with and without solution to the section A question and (posted 19/4/24) with solutions to all of sections A+B and hints for the optional/MFoCS questions.  The problems should already be accessible after week 7 lectures.